Pre-owned, Fullset XXIO Prime, Japan, SP900, (Tanpa Bag) Seperti Baru !
Fullset XXIO Prime SP900 graphite shaft , terdiri dari : 1pc Driver Loft 10,5 + 2pcs Fairway Woods #3 & #5 + 8pcs Ironset + 3pc wood cover +, Used, Full Original, kondisi seperti baru !

Updated: 09 Sep 2018


Training Aids

Whippy Tempo Master Putter
The Whippy TempoMaster Putter adalah yang paling populer dari semua klub yang Whippy TempoMaster digunakan pada semua tour profesional, Hal ini dirancang untuk mengembangkan dan mempertinggi kehalusan, tidak tergesa-gesa dan konsistensi pukulan putting.


Putt Master / Missing Link
Adjustable plastic cuffs and metal grip-rod provide feedback during the stroke, taking the wrists out of the putting stroke and promoting a pendulum motion.


Greens Professor
Ingenious alignment aid for putting works by emitting a light which reflects off a mirror on the the toe of the putter back into a window indicating the putter's alignment.


Wrist Brake
Orange plastic snap-on attachment used for chipping and putting to indicate any change in the relationship between the player's hands and clubface.


O' Beam
O' Beam Laser Putting Aid provides immediate feedback on how much your head is moving and trains you to minimize your movement, resulting in more consistent contact. Attaches to a visor or hat.


Tempo is the most personal aspect of golf. You have a natural speed of speech and walking. You also have a natural speed of stroke and swing...



Medicus Dual Hinge 7-Iron
Medicus Dual Hinge 7-Iron. The Medicus Dual Hinge the #1 selling golf training aid ever made



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